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Hulst, Nederland, is a municipality and city in southwestern Netherlands in the east of Zeelandic Flanders.


Hulst received city rights in the 12th century. Hulst was captured from the Spanish in 1591 by Maurice of Orange but was recaptured by Archduke Albert in 1596. In 1640, the Dutch forces tried to conquer the city, but they were defeated in battle by the Spanish Army, and Frederick Henry was forced to retreat. In 1645, the Siege of Hulst (to control the left bank of the Schelde river) occurred. It was led by Prince of Orange Frederick Henry, during the Eighty Years' War (1568–1648) with Spain. A further siege took place in 1702, where General Menno van Coehoorn defended the town successfully for the Dutch and in 1747 when it was taken by the French after incompetent defence by Lt General Pieter de la Rocque. In the seventeenth century, a star fort was constructed.[6] The fortifications, constructed during that time, are historic examples of Dutch fortress architecture. The name Hulst (Holly in English) would appear to come from the shape of the battlements. Holly is depicted growing around the towns crest.


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