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Dantumadiel, Nederland, is a municipality in the province of Friesland (Fryslân) in the Netherlands. Dantumadiel is a rural municipality characterized by agriculture.


The first time Dantumadiel is mentioned was in a document from 1242. At that time Dantumadiel, or Donthmadeil as it was then known, was a part of the Winninghe district, the northern part of Oostergo. The grietenij (municipality) Dantumadiel was led by a grietman (mayor) who was holding office in Rinsumageast and Dantumawâld. The Dutch Municipalities Act of 1851 (Dutch: Gemeentewet van 1851) abolished the grietenijen, which automatically became gemeenten (municipalities) headed by a mayor.

Population centres

  • Damwâld
  • De Westereen
  • Feanwâlden
  • Broeksterwâld
  • Rinsumageast
  • Wâlterswâld
  • Driezum
  • De Falom
  • Readtsjerk
  • Sibrandahûs


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